End of year mentor event

On Tuesday of this week we had our end of the year mentor event which consisted of three¬†activities. Those activities were: Scavenger hunt, all tied up challenge, and¬† photo montage. Myself and along with three other people were in charge of the scavenger hunt, so i can really only go in depth with that one event. The challenge was to find all the clues that were around the whole building and the group with the fastest time and most accurate answers would win. The fastest time was 15 minutes with a perfect score. The winners were rewarded with IBM merchandise. After all the groups finished all of the activities we all met up in the cafeteria and had lunch with the mentors and men-tees. I really got to know my mentor since he wasn’t able to make it to most of the events due to work but it was a really fun day getting my mind off the regents. It was also a big learning experience having to run an event. After the lunch we all gathered in one side of the cafeteria and rewards were handed out to four students in a category. I was rewarded project manager, my mentor felt very proud of me and honestly it was very hard not to get emotional but i found a way to hold in the emotions. It was an extremely fun day and i hope there are many more events like this one to come. Sadly I don;t have any pictures of the day to show.